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What’s in the Works Wednesday

Tiny heart cornerstones for the baby quilt that didn’t get finished.

2½” hearts


A row of sunflower (with a few unfinished schoolhouse) birdhouses.

Sunflower birdhouses
Sunflower birdhouses


A custom Christmas ornament. Lucky for me, the cat looked just like my Betsy Cat. Did you even know we do custom ornaments? You can find a custom order form HERE.

Custom cat ornament
Custom cat ornament

What’s in the works for you?


Wavy Scrappy Hearts

Finally remembered to post a photo of my completed Scrappy Hearts (find the pattern HERE).

scrappy hearts
Scrappy Hearts table runner

It was a fun, quick project that used up some very old scraps. All was machined pieced but the final stitching of the binding I did by hand. It was a time I needed a little “thread therapy” with slow, satisfying hand work. I learned 2 things:

  • hand stitching even this little project’s binding takes forever. It looks great, I enjoyed the stitching itself, but after years of machine stitching the binding, I had forgotten just how much time that hand work took!
  • breaking the cardinal rule of “lengthwise grain borders always” means you may well end up with a few waves. If you always cut your borders with the lengthwise grain, those wavy edges don’t even appear. If you’re using up scraps and, just this one time won’t hurt, you may find the dreaded waves. See my waves??
    wavy scrappy hearts
    Wavy Scrappy Hearts – grrr…

    Most people wouldn’t notice (they are very slight) but I sure do! Vowing to do better next time. At least Betsy still approves.  🙂

    Scrappy Hearts Betsy
    Scrappy Hearts Betsy


How’s that BOM coming along?

Have you started my latest block of the month, the Pixie Garden Quilt?

Pixie Garden BOM
Pixie Garden Quilt, Jeanne Rae Crafts’ block of the month

This BOM has two different background blocks. In presenting the blocks each month, I alternate the two blocks so, upon finishing 3 months’ blocks, you can put them together into a row. A sort of instant gratification.

Sue in Wisconsin, along with 7 other online friends, has started her own Pixie Garden. She assumed she could do all of the Block A’s first but by the second month, discovered that wasn’t going to work. So she went ahead and made all of the background blocks.

Pixie Garden by Sue
Pixie Garden background blocks by Sue

Don’t they look great! I love the scrappy look and vibrant colors. She tells me, “I’m trying, in 2013 to use up some of my stash – what’s that joke?  I’ve achieved S.A.B.L.E. status – Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy?” LOL!

Her little blanket-stitched blue bird is so nicely done.

Blue bird block
Blue Bird stitched by Sue

Thanks so much for sharing, Sue! She will be giving me updates from her group on their progress. I look forward to seeing how other quilters make this design their own. Best part – making new quilting friends! 🙂


Almost Valentines Day

It’s only a few more days until Valentines Day. Those of us in New England might be staying pretty close to home, what with a big snowstorm/blizzard in the works. Here’s a free project for this weekend using a bunch of those red and white scraps to make a cute holiday decoration. Scrappy Hearts table runner is made with half square triangles and squares, super easy to piece.

Scrappy Hearts block
Scrappy Hearts block

Mine should be done tomorrow. It was supposed to be done tonight but life kind of got in the way. I’d love to hear if you’ve made one also!

Pots, Pillows and Pachyderm

The resolution really got me moving! Project 2 was a bunch of pot holders made from scraps leftover from Deb’s table runner.

Scrappy pot holders
Scrappy pot holders

Project 3 was supposed to have been done for Christmas but the Virginia grandkids will still love them. These pillowcases are a fun, quick project. I’m especially crazy about the fishy one.

3 easy pillowcases
3 easy pillowcases

The helpers are my constant companions, Smoky and Betsy.

For project 4, the top was actually finished since September so it was just a matter of quilting this baby quilt. It’ll go to a great-nephew whose mother loves elephants. I’m pretty fond of this one myself.

Elephant Quilt for Abe
Elephant Quilt for Abe

I wasn’t sure if putting black into a baby quilt was a mistake. But it’s such a bright, cheery quilt, it will be OK. See that nice narrow yellow border around the center? I had cut the center too small so had to bring it up to size – I was not resewing all of those little blocks. Serendipity!

Lattice Garden Quilt

So proud to announce another new pattern! Many of you are familiar with my 2012 BOM, the Lattice Garden Quilt. It’s now available as a pattern.

Lattice Garden Quilt, my latest pattern!
Lattice Garden Quilt

So much time and creative energy goes into designing every new pattern, not to mention the joy (frustration???) of working with the computer. But I’m always so very grateful to the many online quilters who do the “testing” for me. If I’ve gotten anything wrong, someone is sure to let me know and I do appreciate any input.


It’s a new year and we’re still in January so it’s okay to talk about resolutions. I confess – I’m very good at starting projects but absolutely stink at finishing. Anything. Like I’m allergic to finishing. So it is time to pull out some of those many, many UFO’s and deal with them. My goal in 2013 is to finish 4 things a month with many of them being said UFO’s. I may be setting myself up for disappointment, but no more so than continuing to pile them up!

Table Runner for Deb
Table Runner for Deb

My first project for almost every year is a gift for my daughter-in-law Deb whose birthday is January 8. All fall and early winter, especially December, are so insanely hectic, it is pure joy to sit down and quilt something for Deb. The borders on this runner are a border print but yes, the center is all pieced squares. She uses it on the cherry coffee table my hubby Bill made for Deb and our son Bill. Though my quilting is erratic (I’m still feeling like a newbie machine quilter), it came out good enough. Though not really a UFO, it’s one project done!