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One For Us For a Change

We love our cats, Betsy and Smoky, but they can be rather destructive at times. Take our wicker clothes hamper. They shredded it to the point that they could climb right in, settle in for a nap even. We finally threw it out several months ago, using a laudry basket instead. I suggested to Bill that we could really use a hamper where, every morning, he could sit to tie his shoes (he’s so not bendy). 

Betsy & Smoky


Since January is a month to try out new designs, I paid no attention to Bill’s time in the workshop. That is until he mentioned he was actually making something for us. Really??? That’s so rare! The little sit-on hamper had morphed into this lovely pine hamper/seat/clothes rack/valet. Don’t you love the ratty old hat hanging there? My friend Lisa said that every king needs a place to hang his crown. ūüėČ

Best of all, it’s cat-proof!

Cat-proof Hamper/Valet in the works


My Hubby Listened!

As any wife can tell you, her husband often is hard of listening. Well, I’m happy to report that my hubby not only listened, he actually outdid himself! For a couple of years now, I’ve been wishing for some kind of a ¬†small sales desk to use at our craft shows. Bill sat down and started designing just before our most recent fair. Here’s the gem of a desk he came up with –

Sales desk by Bill Prue
Sales desk by Bill

The top opens to a large, flat surface to give the customer an area to write. That top compartment is perfect for the cashbox. Drawers hold other essentials and the bottom cabinet is a handy cubbyhole. And to top it all, he’s made it locking! So much better than perching things on cardboard boxes, wouldn’t you say?!

I think I’d like one of these as a regular little desk, with the top opening down to make a writing surface, with little cubbyholes inside. Hm-m-m, wonder if hubby would listen to that one… ūüėČ

New Veggies!

Did you know that we make veggie garden row markers? We have some for every garden:

Buttercup Squash
Butternut Squash
Green Pepper
Summer Squash

Drum roll please – now revealing our new veggie row markers for 2013 –

Garden row markers
Garden Row Markers from Jeanne Rae Crafts

I’m pretty pleased with the new veggies on the block:¬†Eggplant, Yellow Beans and Hot Pepper. What do you think? ūüôā

What’s in the Works Wednesday?

Oops, missed Wednesday again! Not because we weren’t working – I blame the IRS (even though filing taxes wouldn’t be so bad if I kept up with all the bookkeeping…). So here’s some of what’s been happening in Bill’s shop –

Drop Leaf Table
Drop Leaf Table, black ash

Bill tells me these tables are the best he’s ever made. Probably both tables will come to me next for a bit of decorative painting.

Drop Leaf Table
Drop Leaf Table, cherry

I think this cherry table is just drop-dead gorgeous! We’ll be exhibiting these first at the Vermont Maple Festival in St. Albans, VT, April 26-28. Stop by to see all of our hard work!


Movin’ On – Finally!

They are all done! If you find your birds are in need of housing, check out our birdhouse page. If you don’t see what you want there, feel free to email or call us (information is at the bottom of this page).

Sampling of new birdhouses
Flower birdhouses
Flower birdhouses from Wildflower Wood

Every one of our birdhouses will weather extremely well because they are:

  • Made from native Vermont cedar
  • Finished with a lead-free exterior finish
  • Functional birdhouse for outdoors
  • Enhanced with hand painting
  • Floral designs are also protected with a clear exterior finish

Best of all, they are the only thing “blooming” in my garden right now!

Now moving on to a bazillion garden markers. Well, maybe a couple hundred. ūüôā

Unfinished garden markers
Unfinished garden markers

Summer squash, yellow and green beans, pumpkins, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, green peppers, here I go. New this year: chili peppers and eggplant.

Ahhh, spring – it’ll be here before you know it!


Pictures from the Workshop

Bill has been all excited about finishing his next unique project, so much so that he took these pictures himself.

Nice little table

At first glance, it’s just a nice little table. Check out the side view, taking special note of the wooden pins.

Table side view
Side view of the table. Take note of the wood pins.

But remove those pins…

table bench
Pull out 2 pins…and you have yourself a handy dandy table bench!

And you have yourself a bench! Open up the top of the bench…

Inside the bench
The seat of the bench opens up

And you have storage! How handy is that? This unique piece of furniture is called a settle table bench with storage. The wood is ash and will have a golden oak stain. Stay tuned to see how stunning this unusual piece turns out.

What’s in the Works Wednesday

Oh my! This is the fifth Wednesday in a row that I’m posting birdhouses. I promise this will be the last!

More birdhouses!

This time it’s chalets, barns, and yet-to-be-named shape. I also should mention that each birdhouse is made from cedar, has a clean-out and ventilation, finished with exterior paint, and exterior varnish over the painting. They are fully functional birdhouses meant to go outdoors.

I’m having fun painting these little flower¬†vignettes, with a different butterfly for each different flower. So far, the flowers are purple coneflower,¬†ox-eye daisy, and black-eyed susan; the¬†butterflies are spring azure, yellow sulphur, American copper and red admiral. Most people don’t really care exactly what they are but I just like to know.

Next week, it will be on to garden markers, and oh, so many pieces of furniture. Here’s to a productive week!


On any given day, chances are good that Bill is designing some new piece of furniture. This coffee table is the first radically new design for 2013. I’m loving it, he not so much.

coffee table
Arches coffee table, maple and pine

We would love to hear your thoughts, too.

What’s in the Works Wednesday

First coat of varnish…

varnishing tables

…on 34 pieces of furniture as well as table tops and drawer fronts!

Table tops, cabinets, drawer fronts
Table tops, cabinets, drawer fronts

But I’m still up to my eyeballs in birdhouses and little bird feeders.


Over 70 done so far, with another 2 dozen to go. In between times, I’m painting ornaments, also. Next week (though I hope sooner) it’s on to garden row markers. The challenge will be to finish before all those pieces of furniture come a knockin’!

What’s in the Works Wednesday

This time in the workshop, Bill’s putting a finish on a newly designed coffee table. I’m loving those curves! Can’t help but notice the “close-enuf” sign that his dad made him years ago. His dad would be pleased to see that Bill’s woodworking goals have moved wa-a-a-y beyond “close enuf” – right into craftsman!

Coffee Table
New coffee table design in the works from Wildflower Wood

In the studio, all the flower birdhouses, pansies, daisies and sunflowers, are ready for the final coat of varnish.

Flower birdhouses
Flower birdhouses from Wildflower Wood

Coming up this week, more birdhouses Рnuthatch, chickadee, wren, chalet, barn, and schoolhouse Рas well as little bird feeders.

What’s in the works for you? ūüôā

Little wooden accents

Little wooden items – they are my kind of thing. Bill came up with some new home accents, shadowbox shelves.¬†One definition of accent is “to¬†lay¬†particular¬†emphasis on.” These shadowboxes serve the purpose of emphasizing and highlighting some of your favorite things.

Small shadowbox
Small shadowbox shelves
Hand painted
Pine, 12″w x 4″d x 15″h

The hand painting varies from these daisies to other flower designs and, of course, chickadees. Fill these little gems with knickknacks or collections or treasures.

shadowbox shelves
Small shadowbox shelves
Hand painted
Pine, 12″w x 4″d x 15″h

The medium shadowbox shelves are slightly bigger. There’s no hand painting right now but stay tuned this week to see what the muse inspires!

Medium shadowbox
Medium shadowbox shelves
16″w x 6″d x 20″h





What’s to paint?

So what about painting? I do it just about every day. (You can read more about this in “About Wildflower Wood” on the right sidebar.) Today I finished two coffee table tops. Bill built these little beauties from native Vermont butternut.

Butternut coffee tables from Wildflower Wood
Butternut coffee tables

Painting on the wood is similar to choosing coordinating fabrics. Every variety of wood has its own color family. I started these designs with one color leaves but quickly realized it was the wrong green for the golden glow of butternut. These tables now are back in Bill’s shop for the final coats of finish, spiffing them right up for our first fair. That first fair is in St. Albans, VT at the Vermont Maple Festival.coffeetable

In between times, I’m also painting ornaments. It’s Christmas all year in my household! More about these ornaments later…time to get ready for tonight’s quilt guild meeting.

Hand painted glass balls from Jeanne Rae Crafts
Hand painted glass balls