How’s that BOM coming along?

Have you started my latest block of the month, the Pixie Garden Quilt?

Pixie Garden BOM
Pixie Garden Quilt, Jeanne Rae Crafts’ block of the month

This BOM has two different background blocks. In presenting the blocks each month, I alternate the two blocks so, upon finishing 3 months’ blocks, you can put them together into a row. A sort of instant gratification.

Sue in Wisconsin, along with 7 other online friends, has started her own Pixie Garden. She assumed she could do all of the Block A’s first but by the second month, discovered that wasn’t going to work. So she went ahead and made all of the background blocks.

Pixie Garden by Sue
Pixie Garden background blocks by Sue

Don’t they look great! I love the scrappy look and vibrant colors. She tells me, “I’m trying, in 2013 to use up some of my stash – what’s that joke?  I’ve achieved S.A.B.L.E. status – Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy?” LOL!

Her little blanket-stitched blue bird is so nicely done.

Blue bird block
Blue Bird stitched by Sue

Thanks so much for sharing, Sue! She will be giving me updates from her group on their progress. I look forward to seeing how other quilters make this design their own. Best part – making new quilting friends! 🙂