Late winter hike at Moose Bog

Saturday was such a beautiful day here in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom! It was just too nice to not take a hike so we headed to Ferdinand’s Moose Bog Trail. On the way, we came across a large flock of those winter visitors, the snow buntings. While on the trail, we were lucky enough to see 3 of the boreal bird species we so long to find: gray jay, boreal chickadee and spruce grouse. The spruce grouse was a real bonus – there on the edge of the woods was a male and female not 6 feet from us. They aren’t called fool hens for nothing! Snapping a picture of them was another story, however. It’s so hard to focus through a maze of tiny branches! A half hour after seeing that pair, we flushed another male spruce grouse as we left the trail.

Hike on the Moose Bog Trail.
Beautiful day for a north woods hike.

It may have been warmer in other places, but it’s still hard to beat a (relatively) warm late winter day in Vermont! You can see a few more of our photos here.