My Hubby Listened!

As any wife can tell you, her husband often is hard of listening. Well, I’m happy to report that my hubby not only listened, he actually outdid himself! For a couple of years now, I’ve been wishing for some kind of a  small sales desk to use at our craft shows. Bill sat down and started designing just before our most recent fair. Here’s the gem of a desk he came up with –

Sales desk by Bill Prue
Sales desk by Bill

The top opens to a large, flat surface to give the customer an area to write. That top compartment is perfect for the cashbox. Drawers hold other essentials and the bottom cabinet is a handy cubbyhole. And to top it all, he’s made it locking! So much better than perching things on cardboard boxes, wouldn’t you say?!

I think I’d like one of these as a regular little desk, with the top opening down to make a writing surface, with little cubbyholes inside. Hm-m-m, wonder if hubby would listen to that one… 😉