Preserving Basil My Favorite Way

Basil cubes titleNothing tastes like summer as much as fresh basil. But how do you capture that taste for fall, winter and spring? My favorite method is to make frozen basil cubes. Here’s how:

What you need – freshly-picked basil, olive oil, salad spinner, food processor, ice cube trays, spatula, plastic wrap or wax paper.

  1. Pick your basil and wash thoroughly in a sink full of cold water, swishing to rinse off all soil. Pick off the leaves.

    Wash basil
    Wash the basil thoroughly.
  2. Dry the leaves thoroughly. A salad spinner is perfect for this.

    Dry in salad spinner. I don’t know why this photo is upside down but it won’t seem to upload correctly. I’m sure you still get the picture (pun intended).
  3. Place the leaves in a food processor; slowly add olive oil until a sort of paste forms, scraping the bowl when necessary.

    Add olive oil to basil
    Add olive oil to basil.
  4. Quickly spoon the basil into ice cube trays. Basil exposed to the air starts to turn black pretty quickly. Cover with plastic wrap or wax paper. Freeze until firm. Remove from ice cube trays and store in freezer bags or containers.

    Basil cubes
    Spoon basil into ice cube trays.