Wavy Scrappy Hearts

Finally remembered to post a photo of my completed Scrappy Hearts (find the pattern HERE).

scrappy hearts
Scrappy Hearts table runner

It was a fun, quick project that used up some very old scraps. All was machined pieced but the final stitching of the binding I did by hand. It was a time I needed a little “thread therapy” with slow, satisfying hand work. I learned 2 things:

  • hand stitching even this little project’s binding takes forever. It looks great, I enjoyed the stitching itself, but after years of machine stitching the binding, I had forgotten just how much time that hand work took!
  • breaking the cardinal rule of “lengthwise grain borders always” means you may well end up with a few waves. If you always cut your borders with the lengthwise grain, those wavy edges don’t even appear. If you’re using up scraps and, just this one time won’t hurt, you may find the dreaded waves. See my waves??
    wavy scrappy hearts
    Wavy Scrappy Hearts – grrr…

    Most people wouldn’t notice (they are very slight) but I sure do! Vowing to do better next time. At least Betsy still approves.  :)

    Scrappy Hearts Betsy
    Scrappy Hearts Betsy