Welcome Spring!

I’ve been reading other blogs lately that tell of adventures in planting gardens (as far back as January) and picking big bouquets of daffodils just this week. If today is any indication, we will have to wait a bit before that happens here in the Northeast Kingdom.

Jeanne Rae Crafts' birdhouse
Poor little bird house!

Spring in Vermont is, at best, a fickle thing. Funny, this seems much more like winter…


Mr. Moose Snowstick
Mr. Moose Snowstick says 14″ on the ground (we already had 6″ before the storm).

You might be able to see the little sunk in hole around the stick.  Hard to tell exactly how much snow we’ve got. If anybody cares.

spring snow
Welcome spring! Another 3″-7″ expected tonight.

But you have to admit, it is pretty! 🙂