What’s in the Works Wednesday

Oh my! This is the fifth Wednesday in a row that I’m posting birdhouses. I promise this will be the last!

More birdhouses!

This time it’s chalets, barns, and yet-to-be-named shape. I also should mention that each birdhouse is made from cedar, has a clean-out and ventilation, finished with exterior paint, and exterior varnish over the painting. They are fully functional birdhouses meant to go outdoors.

I’m having fun painting these little flower vignettes, with a different butterfly for each different flower. So far, the flowers are purple coneflower, ox-eye daisy, and black-eyed susan; the butterflies are spring azure, yellow sulphur, American copper and red admiral. Most people don’t really care exactly what they are but I just like to know.

Next week, it will be on to garden markers, and oh, so many pieces of furniture. Here’s to a productive week!