One For Us For a Change

We love our cats, Betsy and Smoky, but they can be rather destructive at times. Take our wicker clothes hamper. They shredded it to the point that they could climb right in, settle in for a nap even. We finally threw it out several months ago, using a laudry basket instead. I suggested to Bill that we could really use a hamper where, every morning, he could sit to tie his shoes (he’s so not bendy). 

Betsy & Smoky


Since January is a month to try out new designs, I paid no attention to Bill’s time in the workshop. That is until he mentioned he was actually making something for us. Really??? That’s so rare! The little sit-on hamper had morphed into this lovely pine hamper/seat/clothes rack/valet. Don’t you love the ratty old hat hanging there? My friend Lisa said that every king needs a place to hang his crown. 😉

Best of all, it’s cat-proof!

Cat-proof Hamper/Valet in the works